Aero Accounting Group makes tax easy as one, two, three

At Aero Accounting Group, tax is made simple with their individual and personalised tax services that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Perfect for students, small business or those who need a little bit of help, Aero Accounting aims to provide stress-free peace of mind experience to the Canberra community.

Founded in 2020 by Justin Wong, Aero Group is targeting a niche and in demand market.

“We were testing the market and we figured out there was a gap in providing really, really good quality tax services to individual clients at an affordable price in Canberra,” he said.

“What we’ve realised what clients want from their accountant is someone to be able to walk them through step-by-step and explain it to them in a clear language that they understand.”

Justin Wong
Founder Justin Wong has over seven years’ experience working in accounting and book-keeping in Canberra.

The experienced team of accountants at Aero Group have all the qualifications necessary to handle any accounting task quickly and easily, from a 15-minute lodgement of a tax return to ensuring clients get the maximum refund possible.

Mr Wong said it was his own experiences as a student that inspired the motto ‘tax made easy’.

“When I was a student, I would pay someone to do my taxes and I felt the experience wasn’t that great. One of the keys is that because there was a lack of personalisation,” he said.

“You would go into the accountant’s office; you would meet whoever was available to you and you would just get your thing done.”

“It was just a go and get it done approach, whereas what we prefer to do is that if you saw a certain accountant last year, we will try our best to ensure that you get the same accountant this year.”

Mr Wong is originally from Malaysia and can converse in multiple languages which include English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. With over seven years’ experience working in accounting and book-keeping, he knows what it takes to help individuals and small businesses make informed decisions and ensure they maximize their financial and taxation outcomes.

With teams based in Canberra, Sydney, and Malaysia, Aero Accounting offers both online and phone tax returns, under 21 tax returns, multi-year tax returns and more.

Aero Accounting Group is Mr Wong’s second business. As the founder of PAQ Group, a locally based bookkeeping & payroll services firm that aims to provide small business owners with a stress-free bookkeeping experience, he is passionate about helping locals.

“I did my Honours in Finance at the University of Canberra…I used to work in cafes and restaurants, and I would help them with their book-keeping.”

“Once we conquer the individual tax return market in Canberra, we can start thinking about other services that we can potentially offer our clients.”

With no up-front payments and guaranteed satisfaction, Aero Accounting Group are the team guaranteed to make tax as simple as one, two, three.

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Need help?

At Aero, we specialize in tax returns involving investment properties.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with the management of your tax affairs.

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