Tax Return Checklists

Basic Tax Return Checklist

Income Tax Return Checklist for Individuals

We want to make your tax return experience as convenient and hassle free as possible, and to ensure that you get the maximum refund possible To achieve this, it’s important to be prepared with some items of information, which we’ve outlined in our tax return checklist.

Please review and download our Tax Return Checklist to determine which information may be applicable for your tax return. Information relating to payment summaries (from employers or Centrelink) and income from banks and financial institutions can often be accessed by Aero via the ATO Portal.

However this information is not always complete and up-to-date (especially in July and August), so it’s always best to have original documents to cross-check where possible

Calculate your tax refund

Calculate the tax refund you could receive after tax deductions with Aero Group’s easy-to-use, accurate income Tax Return Calculator.

Filing for a Complex Tax Return?

We always encourage our clients to learn more about their taxes and prepare for their returns better. If you’re looking to file for a more complex Tax Return, check out our guide here to ensure that you are maximising your refund as much as legally possible.

Feel free to download our FREE Complex Tax Return Checklist


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