Investment Property Owners: Don’t Miss Out on These Tax Deductions!

Investment Property Owners: Don’t Miss Out on These Tax Deductions!

Enhancing your tax return and increasing your rental income can be straightforward with the right knowledge about investment property tax deductions. Many investors miss out on significant claims due to a lack of information from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). By understanding the array of tax benefits available, you can turn your investment property into a reliable source of positive cash flow.

Let’s delve into some valuable tax tips to help you maximise your investment property deductions.

What Rental Property Deductions Are Available?

1. Depreciation Wear and tear on your property decreases its financial value over time, but you can claim this depreciation as a tax deduction. This non-cash deduction allows you to offset the depreciation costs against your income.

  • Capital Works Depreciation (Division 43) For properties built after 16 September 1987, you can claim deductions on construction costs, including renovations. These deductions are spread over several years.

  • Plant and Equipment Depreciation (Division 40) You can also claim depreciation on fixtures and fittings such as carpets, air conditioning, and kitchen appliances.

  • Quantity Surveyor Fees Hiring a quantity surveyor to prepare a depreciation schedule can optimise your returns. Their fees are also tax-deductible.

2. Loan Interest Interest on loans used to purchase your investment property is a significant deduction.

Example: Sophie took out a loan of $500,000 and incurred $15,000 in interest in one year. This interest is deductible because the loan was used for income-generating purposes.

3. Rental Expenses Expenses incurred while generating rental income can be claimed in the same year they are paid.

  • Advertising Costs: Expenses for advertising to find tenants are deductible.

  • Property Management Fees: Fees paid to property managers are deductible.

  • Legal Costs: Legal expenses for preparing rental documents or obtaining eviction orders are deductible.

  • Council Rates: If you pay council rates, they are deductible.

  • Utility Payments: If you cover water, electricity, or gas, these are deductible.

  • Property Insurance: Insurance premiums for the property are deductible.

  • Repairs and Maintenance: Costs to maintain, but not improve, your property are deductible.

  • Pest Control: Pest control services are deductible.

  • Land Tax: Land tax is deductible, subject to state regulations.

  • Tax Consultation Fees: Fees for tax advice are deductible.

  • Cleaning Services: Cleaning services included in rental agreements are deductible.

  • Garden Maintenance: Regular garden maintenance costs are deductible, but improvements are not.

  • Body Corporate Fees: Fees for units or townhouses are deductible if you pay them.

  • Office Supplies and Communication Costs: Stationery, phone, and internet costs related to managing your property are deductible.

  • Bank Fees: Bank charges on the loan used to purchase the property are deductible.

  • Accounting Fees: Accountant fees for managing your tax returns related to your investment property are deductible.

4. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) If you sell your property within 12 months, you need to pay CGT on the profit. However, if you hold the property for more than 12 months, you qualify for a 50% CGT discount.

Non-Claimable Expenses

According to the ATO, you cannot claim expenses incurred from personal use of the property, loan principal repayments, fees related to the purchase or sale of the property, stamp duty, or travel expenses for property inspections.

Key Points to Remember

To maximise your tax return, utilise the ATO’s list of claimable rental property deductions. By understanding these deductions, you can optimise your investment returns. Ensure you keep receipts, invoices, and other relevant documents as proof of your claims.

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